Would you like to commission a story? My rate is two cents(0.02 USD) per word. The minimum I will do is a five-hundred words($10), the maximum is 10,000($200). I currently accept payments through PayPal.

While my tastes are more extreme than most, I do have limits. There are things I will not write about, and I will ignore any commissions for such stories. See the list below before you send.

No Real People
  • - Don't ask me to write about real people, such as celebrities, politicians, etc. I don't need Homeland Security or the FBI knocking at my door.
  • - At the same time, don't tell me an OC you want me to write about is based on someone you know. It might be, but I don't wanna know. I will not respond if you do. Just to be sure, if you send me an OC, only include the first name.
  • - Also, don't send anything that might be someone's personal information(such as phone numbers, addresses, etc).
  • No Fanfic/Copyright Infringement
  • - I love the occasional fanfic as much as the next guy, but I am making a profit from these stories. I will only accept commissions for original characters and settings.
  • These Are Snuff Stories
  • - All of the stories written through here will end in at least one female dying. If you want a story where they all survive, I'm not the one you should be asking to write it.
  • No Mom-Son(or Aunt-Nephew)
  • - I have no problem with incest stories; in fact, I love sister-sister, brother-sister, father-daughter, and, hell, even mother-daughter, but I WILL NOT do mother-son. Aunts-nephews are also off the table.
  • No Male-focused snuff
  • - Do not ask me to write stories focused on men/boys being killed. Some stories my have a dude being killed off, if I can't avoid it without bullshit logic, but my focus is on women.
  • No Male-Male Sex
  • - I will not write sex scenes between dudes. Just no! It's not my cup of tea.
  • No Femboys
  • - I will not write about femboys, futanari, dickgirls, or whatever you call them. I don't have anything against transpeople, and I apologize if I offended any of you, but I'm just not into it.
  • Not Too Old, Not Too Young
  • - I typically prefer female characters in their tweens, teens, twenties, and even early-thirties. I am willing to go outside of this a little, but don't ask for stories featuring women over forty-five or girls under seven.
  • Weight Limits
  • - I'm not super picky here, and I do like women with a little curve on their bones, but I don't do obese/bbw chicks. On the flip side, no anorexic girls; some meat is required.
  • No Drawn-Out Torture
  • - I have no problem with suffering in my stories, but I'm not a big fan of drawn-out torture. It's more down to me getting bored with it after awhile.
  • No Scat
  • - Don't ask me to have anyone eat, or play with, shit. I have no problem with characters shitting or pissing themselves out of fear or when they die(I actually enjoy the latter, as any of my readers can attest), but doing anything beyond that is a huge turn off.
  • No Furries/Animals
  • - I will not write any stories with anthropomorphic animals, or regular animals being sexualed. Sexual stuff may only include humans, or nearly-indistinguishable-from-humans; minor things, like cat ears or wings are fine.
  • No Glorifying Racism/Politics
  • - I will not glorify or promote racism in my stories, so don't ask. If a racist character is in my story they will be considered a bad guy. I will not make the protagonist racist, even if they're otherwise evil.
  • - I won't promote other forms of isms, homophobia, transphobia, or any form of bigotry.
  • - I'd like to keep my stories politics-free in general.
  • If you're cool with these conditions and the price, hit the button below and fill out the form.

    Be patient. I have other things, including other commissions, keeping me busy. If I'm interested in your commission I will try to respond within a few days. Wait at least a month before sending it again, but check to make sure you didn't request anything that goes against my conditions.