Junkyard Rat

Jane laughed as Monica nibbled cheese and beef jerky while squeaking like a mouse. If she knew that morning would be the last she’d get to laugh with her sister, her giggle buddy, she’d have walked slower, damned if it meant being late to school. Maybe she could’ve changed everything?

Monica scarfed down her snack and dashed ahead. She stopped in front of a gate and whirled around.

“Come on, I know a shortcut!”

The mountains of trash known to residents of Minette as the Junkyard loomed ahead. Twisted heaps of metal cast shadows in the early morning light that reached out as if to grab an unwary teen, dragging them into the depths of some rat monster’s lair. Jane always shivered when she walked by it alone, even if it’s during a sweltering summer afternoon. That was before someone found Rosa Lee’s corpse. They said her brains covered the inside of the big rig tire she killed herself in, and maggots covered her body. Chase told her there was a rat sleeping in her empty skull. What if her ghost was still in there?

Monica removed the latch and pulled the gate open. Jane grabbed her hand as she stepped in.

“Moni! No! We are not going in there.”

She jerked her arm free and stomped her feet. “Why not? It’s faster!”

“It’s full of dangerous junk. We could step on something sharp or get bitten by a rat.”

“It’s not dangerous, I went in there all the time last summer. Sometimes Alicia comes in there with me.”

Jane looked towards the Junkyard then into Monica’s eyes. How could a couple of twelve-year-old girls hang around a place like that alone? How could her sister go in there alone? Moni, more like a little brother with her short mousy hair and cargo shorts, was the more adventurous one. Even a little boy shouldn’t go in there, or anyone who wasn’t a mountain of muscle armed with swords and assault rifles.

She grabbed her sister’s shoulder. “I’m not going in there and you know Mom doesn’t want you on your own when it’s still dark outside.”

Monica huffed and folded her arms as she stepped back onto the sidewalk. “I’m not a little kid anymore. I can take care of myself.”

“I know, but you know Mom’s rules. I really don’t think you should be playing in there, anyways. Neither should Alicia.”

“Is it because of what happened to Rosa?”

Jane nodded. “Would you really want to play where something like that happened?”

Monica shook her head. “Don’t tell me you believe in ghosts!”

“No, but I—”

“Even if she was haunting the Junkyard, she wouldn’t hurt us. She was always so nice.”

“It’s not that, I just don’t want to find you… you know, like that.” She grabbed Monica and hugged her. “I don’t know what I’d do.”

Monica pulled away and locked her eyes with Jane’s. “You don’t need to worry about that. I’m not suicidal, I like being alive, and I wouldn’t do that to my favorite sister.”

Jane smiled. “Just promise me that you won’t go in there anymore. Okay?”

Monica bit her lips and grimaced. “Fine! I’ll find another hideout this summer, but Alicia won’t be too happy.”

“Good! If I see you in there I will tell Mom.”

Jane pulled another jerky and cheese snack from her pocket and threw it. Monica caught it. She started nibbling and making squeaking noises, as Jane giggled. The Junkyard was forgotten.

Casey groaned. Squeaking filled his ears as his dream, being back in high school before everything got fucked up, faded. His clean bedroom in suburbia was replaced by a cave; an old trailer under a mountain of trash, collapsed near the back, with green slime dripping through a hole in the ceiling. He threw off the tinfoil blanket and sat up in his moldy mattress. Casey gritted his teeth as the squeaking started again.

“You better shut the fuck up Cheesethief!”

The mangy rat snored at the end of his piano-wire leash.

“Don you be playin’ that game with me! I know you ain’t sleeping, you fuckin’ ugly piece o’ shit! You wake me up again and you ain’t gonna fuckin’ eat today.”

Casey pulled the tinfoil over himself and laid back down when the squeaking started again.


The rat squealed as Casey thumped his stomach.

“DO NOT,” thump, squeak, “MAKE—AAAAH!”

The rat sunk its teeth into his finger. Casey grabbed it, it screamed as the piano wire leash tightened around its throat. Casey slammed it into the ground. It thrashed with each impact. Casey slammed it again, and again, until it stopped moving.

“I told your dumbass not to shut your fuckin’ cornhole. Didn’ I? Now you don get anything to eat today. Tomorrow. Or ever!” He pulled on the rat until the wire cut off its head, and tossed the head and twitching body out through the trash tunnel.

“Nighty-night!” He laid back down, then squeaking started again. “What the fuck?”

He crawled through the tunnel and poked his head out, shoving Cheesethief’s body aside. The squeaking came from the other side of the chain link fence. A girl’s laughter followed each squeak. Two girls were walking by the gate. Both had brown hair, although the older one’s went to her waist while the other’s stopped around her ear.

One of the girls stopped and opened the gate.

“Come on, I know a shortcut!” She shouted.

Casey cracked his knuckles. “Yeah, you jus’ come on in here. I’ll teach you to wake me up and make me kill my bestfriend.”

The other girl grabbed her before she could enter. They started bickering.

“Just let her go where she wants! I hate when the older kid thinks they the boss.”

He crawled back to the cave and grabbed a hammer from the corner. The girls were back on the sidewalk when he returned.

Casey groaned. Going back to sleep was out of the question. It was time to start gathering metal and shit for the scrapyard. Maybe he’d get enough for a cheeseburger? Casey stretched and yawned. Maybe that would ease the loss of Cheesethief?

Matt sat down and inhaled as his lunch wafted over his nose; six chicken strips, a scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy, two rolls, and a salad. Minette Academy knew how to make lunch.


He pulled out the chair next to him as Jane took a seat.

“Hey! Where’s—?”

“Me?” Monica slid into the seat across from him. She unzipped her coat. Her shirt curved over two lemon-sized mounds as she leaned back to drape her coat over the chair. Matt’s twitched and he bit off a large piece of chicken.

“Hey!” He smiled and waved.

Alicia sat next to her. “Or was it me you were waiting for?” She winked and ran a hand through her long black hair. Alicia tilted her tray and scooped her chicken strips onto Matt’s. “Miss Long put them on there even though I told her I didn’t want them.”


The chair beside Jane creaked as Chase sat down. “It was me he’s waiting for.”

Matt and Chase laughed.

“Nah, I know it was them. They’re the cute ones.”

Matt’s cheeks turned red.

“Hey now!” Jane scowled.

“You’re cute, too!”

“I thought I was the only cute one?”

“You’re the cute one for me! They’re cute for Matt. They’re too young for me.”

“You’re only two years ahead of us,” Monica replied.

Jane turned her scowl towards Monica. “He’s also not available, little sister.”

Monica shrugged. “I’m just saying, but you don’t have to worry.”

“Yeah, we think Matt’s the cute one, anyways.”

Monica nodded. Matt choked as a piece of chicken got lodged in his throat. He hacked spit into a napkin until it came out..

“Which one do you think is cute?” Alica leaned in.

“Yeah! Me or Alicia?”

Matt’s cheeks were burning. “I-uhm, it’s hard to say. I don’t know.” He stared at Monica, exploring the curves of her breasts, until she started blushing. “Both!”

Chase coughed. “I see the lunch lady gave Alicia meat again. She also put something on my tray that I don’t like” Chase grabbed his mountain of lettuce and diced carrots, or rabbit food as he called it, and piled it onto the salad on Matt’s tray.

Monica started nibbling on her chicken and Matt began demolishing the feast on his tray, both taking glances at each other after each bite. Alicia grinned as she watched them.

“So,” Jane started as Matt began shoving food into his mouth, “I hear you guys have been hanging around the Junkyard.”

“How did you find out?” Alicia glared at Monica.

“She tried to go in there this morning, but I stopped her. I want all of you to stop going in there.”

“It’s just piles of old junk.”

Chase scarfed down a chicken strip and downed it with milk. “Some of that junk can be dangerous. Like needles.”

“You could get AIDS or some other disease if they poke you.”

Alicia shrugged. “You can only get AIDS from sex.”

Monica nodded. “Yeah, if you do it with homeless guys and drug addicts.”

Jane shook her head. “Anyone can get it, and you can get it from needles. Just ask the nurse.”

“It’s not like we’re going to stab ourselves with them. We’re not stupid.”

Monica and Alicia nodded.

“You could always step on one. It’d go right through your shoes.”

“What about that girl who shot herself? You know the place is probably haunted by now?” Chase waved his arms around. “Wooo!”

Matt rolled his eyes and Monica shook her head.

“It’s not dangerous, and it’s a fun place to play,” Alicia whined.

“I don’t care,” the trays jumped as Jane slammed her fists on the table, “I don’t want you guys going in there. I mean it. I don’t want to be a snitch, but if I have to I will tell Mom. Then she’ll tell your moms.”

Monica and Alicia looked at each other then at Matt.

“I’m sorry, but I’m doing this for your own good. I don’t want any of you to get hurt.”

“We promise not to stay out of there. Right?” Monica winked.

“Yeah, we promise.” Alicia smiled.

Matt shoved the last piece of chicken down his throat and wiped his mouth. “I guess we could hang around the park behind my house.”


Monica finished her food. Matt walked with her to put their trays up and they left the cafeteria.

“You wanna walk me home tonight? We can cut through a certain place.”

Matt watched her chest as she threw on her coat and slung her backpack over her shoulders. “Yeah, I can do that. I won’t be able to linger, my Uncle Larry’s hosting a barbecue this afternoon.”

A group of girls laughed as Matt leapt onto the railing and landed at the bottom of the stairs.

Monica spun around and smiled. “I was wondering if you had forgotten about me.”

“I just had to take a leak. Ready?”

She hooked her arm under his and they left with the other students.

“Where are the others?”

“Alicia’s mom picked her up, said they were going out of town for the weekend. Jane went to Chase’s house. She said they were going to play board games, but we all know what’s really going to happen.”

Matt chuckled. “Yeah.”

She laughed as he grunted and humped the air.

“You might be an aunt in nine months.”

She unzipped her coat and pulled it off. Matt’s crotch ached as her tits bounced and her bare arms slid out of her coat. “It’s getting hot. Can you hold this for me?”

“Sure!” He slung it over his shoulder.

They walked for thirty minutes, chatting about various topics. Matt kept glancing down at her chest. Monica smiled and pulled herself closer until her side boob pressed against his arm. The rows of houses and trees gave way to abandoned buildings and vacant lots, until they reached the rusty fence surrounding the Junkyard.

“Here we are!” She skipped over and threw the gate open. She pointed at Matt and waved towards the gate.

“Uhm … I think ladies are supposed to go first.”

Monica giggled. “What a gentleman!” She danced through the gate, Matt followed.

“So, what do you—”

“Think fast!” A clump of dirt exploded against his face. Matt coughed and spat dirt while brushing it off his shirt. She clutched her stomach, laughing as Matt shook his head. “I told you to think fast.”

He bent down and scooped sand off the hardpan. He gripped it in his palm and threw it. Monica ducked as it flew over her head. She threw another, striking him in the chest. He scooped one in each hand; the first missed, the second struck her neck and rolled down her shirt. How wonderful would it have been to be that dirt?

“I don’t have to be home until six. What do you say we play for a little bit? Just don’t tell my sister.”

“I wish I could, but my parents will be pissed if I make them late for Uncle Larry.”

Monica pouted. “You’re no fun. How about tomorrow? It’ll just be me and you all day,” she leaned in and whispered, “just you and me.”

“Uh, yeah. I’d like that. Tomorrow.”

Monica turned, then swiveled around and threw her arms around Matt. She pulled his lips towards his and kissed him. Raspberry filled his nostrils as her tongue slipped into his mouth. He kissed her back and grabbed her sides. She pulled his hands to her back and he gripped her. They pulled each other until her breasts were squashed against his chest. His cock swelled in his underwear, he rubbed his crotch against her thigh. She broke off after five minutes and beamed at him.

“I know you’ve been wanting that for awhile.”

“Yeah, yeah I have.” His chest heaved as air flooded into his lungs.

“We’ll make it official tomorrow. Sounds good?”

Matt nodded. “I-I’ll see you.”

“See you,” she turned and skipped further into the Junkyard. She disappeared around a mountain of trash and Matt walked back through the gate, feeling his chest where her boobs were moments earlier.

Casey sucked on a wrapper, cleaning the salt and cheese leftover from the burger he demolished earlier that afternoon. The box of fries, still containing morsels of salt, was carried off by the wind an hour ago. He still had six beers, which would be gone before supper time.

If he was going to have dinner he’d best get off his ass and find something. Maybe spending the rest of his money on beer and lottery tickets wasn’t the best idea? He poked Cheesethief’s carcass, sending a cloud of flies into the air. He did have something for the ratrack. Maybe he could find a few more of his brothers and sisters? A racoon or some birds would be nice.

Casey jolted as a bottle flew around the hill and shattered on the ground. The wind grabbed the wrapper from his mouth, “Goddamnit,” she shouted as it flew over a trash mound. Humming echoed around the corner. Casey’s eyes widened. Someone was coming! He jumped and crawled backwards into his tunnel. Footsteps approached and stopped outside.

“Eww! Poor rat!”

Casey clenched his jaw. It was THEM! The bitches who woke him up this morning. He poked his head out. A young girl with messy brown hair was kneeling over Cheesethief’s body, petting him with a stick.

“People are so cruel!” She shook her head and tossed the stick away. The girl started scooping dirt and covering the rat; ruining his supper.

Her foot landed at the entrance. She bent down to scoop up some more dirt. Her eyes fell on the tunnel, Casey grinned. Her eyes bulged, her mouth dropped open. He reached out and grabbed her ankle. She tumbled, screaming, as he pulled her into the cave. Her backpack slid off. She grabbed at the walls of the tunnel, pulling away pieces of junk.

“Ya wanna collapse this shit and suffocate both o’ us? Jus’ keep pullin’ on shit!” He pulled her in and threw her on the mattress.

Casey sat with his arms folded, grinning and licking his lips. The girl was shaking, her teeth chattering. She backed up as he moved closer.

“P-please just let me go,” she held out her phone and a bundle of cash, “Just take my things and let me go. I-I just want to go home.”

He snatched both from her hands, throwing the cash on the ground. He bent the phone until it snapped. She winced as the pieces hit her face.

“I’m Casey. I think they call you Moni?”

Her face froze. “H-how do you know…”

“I heard the other girl call you that. This morning when you two were fightin’ by the gate.”

“We weren’t fight—”

“It was you makin’ those rat noises weren’t it? Cause if it was, you woke up and made me kill Cheesethief.” He pointed at the tunnel.

Her eyes welled with tears. “I-I didn’t mean to—”

Casey slapped her across the face. Moni started bawling.

“Please! Let me go! I-I didn’t mean to hurt—”

He slapped her again. “You made me kill my bestfriend! I thought he was makin’ that noise and wakin’ me up so I got really mad. But it was you!” She covered her face, he slapped her hands away and thumped her on the nose.

“Please stop hurting me! I won’t wake you up anymore, just stop.”

Casey wiped the tears from her face. “Shh!” He caressed her face and patted her head. “It’s gonna be okay now. Cheesethief was an ugly ol’ thing and now I gets to have me a new pet.” Moni shivered as he started laughing, “and you sure are a cute one.”

“No, please. Just let me go home.”

“This is your home now.” She seized up as he kissed her mouth and ran his tongue across her nose. “So cute!” He grabbed her shorts.

“Don’t!” She shook her head and screamed.

The button flew off as he tugged the zipper open. She tried to pull his hands off. The shorts began to rip down the middle. She pulled away, but the shorts slid down her thighs. He yanked them off and threw them away. Moni covered her crotch, he swept her hands aside and rubbed her panties, thumbing the little cartoon hamster over her pussy.

“How adorable.”

She whimpered. “Just stop…”

“Now what kind o’ owner would I be if I didn’ give my new pet some lovin’ after gettin’ on to ‘em?”

He rubbed her slit through the hamster.

“Please … oh,” she moaned, “stop! I’m saving myself for someone special.”

“Ain’t I special enough?” Her chest rose and fell. She was moaning under her breath. “I think you like this.” The hamster turned dark-pink as Moni’s pussy juice soaked through the fabric.


“Yeah! I think you just don’ wanna tell me you like it. I bet you rub yourself down there every night.” Her grabbed her waistband and tugged. She gripped his wrists. “Don’ you worry, I ain’t gonna rip ‘em. They’re too cute to rip.”

“No!” Moni screamed as he lifted her into the air by her panties. Her hand slipped from his wrists as her panties slid up her legs. She rolled onto the mattress.

Casey sniffed the wet spot on her panties. “Mmm!” He tossed them aside. Her hairless pussy glistened as she laid on his bed with her legs spread beneath a sunbeam. He licked his lips. “You really are cute.”

She screamed as he dove onto the bed and drove his face between her thighs. He gripped her legs and held them around his shoulders while licking and sucking her slit. She screamed and thrashed her arms.

“Stop! Please just stop!”

“Hell no! I ain’t had pussy like this since I was in the tenth grade.” He licked, nibbled, slurped, and sucked her clit, labia, and hole. Moni gripped the bed and tried to pull away, he pulled her tighter against his face. She shrieked as her hips bucked and her thighs twitched. Her cunt throbbed as she came on his face. He slurped down every drop until she stopped squirting.

Casey licked her crotch and thighs. Moni laid with her chest heaving as tears streamed down her face.

“Please let this end! Let this be a dream. This can’t be happening.”

“It’s happenin’ sweetheart, this ain’t no dream. And it ain’t close to the end.” She kicked as he picked her up and threw her down on her stomach. He shoved his pants and underwear to his ankle and fell on top of her.

“Don’t do this!”

Moni shrieked as he thrust into her wet cunt cunt, ripping through her hymen and burrowing as her pussy gripped his cock. He hugged her and dug his fingernails into her tits. She screamed and thrashed as each thrust smashed her cervix. “Quit strugglin’ and just let this happen, cause it’s goin’ to.”

Moni wrapped her arms around her face, weeping as Casey jackhammered her cunt, shrieking every few seconds. Her pussy clenched around his cock, she started screeching. Casey growled as his dick throbbed, squirting until semen spilled out over his balls, soaking into his bed. He pinned her down as she tried to pull away. He pulled out with a slurp, spraying the last of his load on her ass.

Moni laid there sobbing. Her ass twitched as blood and semen streamed out of her pussy. Casey scratched her head. “It wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“I just want to go.”

“Shh,” he rubbed her face, “you are goin’ to stay with me from now on.”

She wailed. Casey patted her back. He grabbed her shorts and wiped the cum from her ass. “It’ll be okay. I’ll take o’ you.”

Chase scratched his chin as he leaned over the board. He was naked, except for a pair of boxers with Star Wars characters. Jane sat across in her black lingerie bra and panties, tapping her fingers on the table.

“Hmm!” He squeezed his finger around a rook.

“Are you going to move it this time? Or are you just fingering it again?”

“I’m just thinking.” He scratched his chin again, then moved the rook, taking her queen. He smiled.

“Oh no!” She laughed as he put it with the pile of white littering the floor next to his thigh.


Jane unclasped her bra and let it slide off.

“Oooh,” Chase gasped as her tits bounced free.

She squeezed them and stuck her tongue out. “I hope you like them.”

“I love them.”

The bulge in his boxers swelled. Jane giggled and grabbed her rook, sliding it across the board, knocking his bishop off. “Check,” she threw him a kiss, “and mate.” She smiled as he looked at the board.

“Aw shit!”

“Well, when are you going to bring out my dinner?”

He stood up and shoved his underwear to his ankles. Jane licked her lips when his erect cock sprang out. He reached across the table and grabbed Jane’s hand. She chuckled as he pulled her to his feet and walked her to the bed.

“Take yer seat, m’lady.”

“Thank you, kind sir,” she said while sitting at the end of his bed with her legs folded.

She rose a foot as he climbed onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard. He spread his legs, his cock looked at Jane. She gasped and covered her mouth as she snickered.

“Dinner is served, m’lady!”

She leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock before taking the shaft down her throat. Chase tilted his head back and groaned. He stroked her hair as she slurped up and down his cock. She started massaging his balls caressing his thighs.

“Ahhhh!” His dick squirmed as cum sprayed the back of her throat. She sucked his tube as she gulped her sticky dinner. She pulled his cock and stroked it as he squirted the rest of his load on her face and tits.

Jane sat back shoving leftover cum into her mouth with her middle finger, and smeared the rest into her skin.

“How was your meal?”

“Fabulous!” Jane belched, “oh, excuse me.”

“It almost feels like I won, though.”

Jane snickered. “It was that good, huh?”

He nodded. “There’s a box of condoms in the bottom drawer, unless you just want me to eat you out or stick it in your ass.”

“I’ll get the condoms.”

She hopped down and was half-way to the chest-of-drawers when her coat started vibrating on the floor.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!”

She grabbed the phone from her pocket and answered.

“Hi, Mom!”

“Hi, sweetie. Uhm, is Moni with you?”

Jane shook her head. “She’s not with me. Isn’t she at home?”

“I haven’t seen her.”

“Who is it, babe?” Chase climbed off the bed and was pulling his boxers up.

“M-O-M,” she mouthed before returning to the phone. “Have you tried calling her?”

“I have, several times. It just goes to voicemail, and she hasn’t replied to any of my messages. Do you know where she could be?”

“She might be at Matt’s. She said he was walking her home. She might’ve gone to his place.”

“Matt? Do you mean Matt Harrell?”


“I don’t know how to contact him or his parents. Can you get a hold of them for me?”

“Uhm, sure. I have Matt’s number.”

“Thanks sweetie! Call me back when you get an answer. Okay?” The phone clicked.

“That was Mom. It seems Moni didn’t come home. Do you have Matt’s number? The one I have is his old one.”

He grabbed his phone from the table and started sifting through his contacts. “Here it is!”

Monica curled up naked on the bed, shivering, as the brute sat in front of the tunnel. He grinned while tearing chunks from her tattered shirt and making a pile of rags. “Pet don’ need no clothes,'' he yelled when he ripped it off her chest, ignoring her cries for mercy. He slapped her when she covered her breasts; the red marks on her wrists stung for an hour. The sunlight trickling through the ceiling was replaced by a candle that cast the man’s shadow into a twisted gremlin, ready to devour her whole.

She closed eyes and opened them. Her bedroom didn’t appear, Mom wasn’t coming in to tell her to get ready for school; nope, she was still in that cave. Maybe it would work after the fifteenth try? This had to be a nightmare. This couldn’t be happening to her, she never did anything to deserve this. She would wake up. She’d apologize to her sister. She would hang out with Matt at that park and never set foot in the Junkyard again, and tell Alicia to never go in there again. Monica closed her eyes again. Her bedroom refused to appear, and the cave refused to disappear.

“Go on and sleep. I won’ hurt’cha, you can even use my bed. I’ll sleep on the ground and find you a bed tomorrow.”

She raised her head. “Just let me go home.”

He shook his head. “This will be your home from now on.”

“Please! I won’t tell anyone what happened, or that you live here. I miss my family, and my sister. They will be looking for me.”

“I bet they don’ know yer in here.”

“My sister does.”

The brute grinned. “I’ll get me another girl pet and you get to see your sister. I never had me two pets before.”

Monica’s stomach dropped. She wouldn’t come alone, would she? She’d bring Mom and Dad, at least. They needed to bring the police. What if they couldn’t find her? What could he do to her before they got there if she screamed?

Her stomach growled.


“Yes, please let me go home and eat. I-I’ll come right back.”

The brute threw his head back and howled in laughter. “You mus’ think I’m pretty stupid.”

“Please, sir! I just want to go home.”

“I know yer hungry, and I am too. I was about to go catch me some dinner. I hope you like rat, cuz that’s usually all I can find.”

She gagged, then cupped her mouth as a lump surged up her throat. “Please!”

“Well, if yer too hungry to wait, I suppose I could give you a snack to hold you over.”

Her heart pounded as he dropped his pants and gripped his throbbing penis.

“No! No! No!”

He thundered across the cave and grabbed her head.


She gagged as he shoved his cock down her throat. He forced her head back and forth while thrusting he hips. The lump surged back up her throat, she wanted to vomit. It tasted as bad as dog shit smelled. Did this … this creature ever bath or shower in his entire life? His dick slipped further down her throat as her mouth covered it in spit. She wheezed for air. It twitched, and warm slime poured down her throat. She whined as he stuffed her mouth until it spilled down her chin.

Monica bit down and the brute screamed.

“You fuckin’ bitch!” He forced her head back. Cum splashed between her eyes, then his fist crashed into her forehead. Blood poured from his cock. “You wanna fuckin’ bite me? You stupid bitch! After I feed you?” He grabbed her thighs, she fell back as he pried her legs apart and pulled her crotch to his face. “How do you like it?” Pain shot through her as he bit into her pussy. Monica screamed as his teeth sliced through her flesh. He ripped a chunk off and chewed with blood pouring down his chin, then swallowed it whole.

He gripped the back of her head and forced her to look at her crotch. She wailed. Blood streamed from a gash her labia was.

“I don’ want you as my pet anymore.” He lifted the side of the mattress and pulled out a hammer. Monica shrieked as he swung it.

Her head pounded as it struck the top of her head. The room whirled. “Help! Somebody! Jane, I’m sorry for not listening. Matt, please come-augh!” He struck her again. Blood trickled down her forehead, and the room went black as her eyes rolled back into her head.

Casey screamed. His cock stung as he moved, yet he pummeled Moni’s face with his hammer. Her head bulged and cracked with each blow, her left eye popped out. Chunks of her brain fell out, which smashed into goo as they hit the floor. Her body twitched. Piss gushed out of her mangled girlhood onto his bed.

“Goddamn! Son of a bitch! You’re gonna ruin my sleep even after yer dead, aren’t ya? Fuckin’ bitch!”

He grabbed the pile of shirt pieces and started cleaning blood and cum from his cock, wincing with each wipe. “Fucking bitch! Why can’ I ever have a nice pet that doesn’ bite me?” He tossed the bloody rags to the floor and pulled up his pants.

He grabbed Moni’s ankle and pulled her through the tunnel. “At least I don’ have ter eat rats tonight.”

The door swung open. Justin entered and plopped down between Matt and Christina. Christina hit the remote and Halloween II continued.

“Is the food ready?” Matt shoved popcorn into his mouth.

His cousin shook his head. “They just now put the burgers on.”

Matt sighed. “I hope it’s not too much longer, I’m starving.”

Christina looked into his empty popcorn bucket and laughed. “Trying to put on some weight?” She poked his ribs. “Good for you.”

Trying to gain weight? Nah, he just liked food. He always ate like that. It wasn’t his fault that he was built like a toothpick, despite eating more in a single meal than Chase could in a week.

“Don’t gain too much, or you won’t be cute anymore.” She pinched his ear.

“He’s your cousin,” Justin said, “and you’re almost eighteen.”

“I can think he’s cute, it doesn’t mean I want to have sex or date him. I’m just trying to help him so he can get a girlfriend.”

“I already have one.”

Both of them looked at her, Christina with an ‘O’ on her face.

“Really? Who is she? What’s she like?”

“Her name’s Monica. She goes to my school, we hang out at lunch and everything. We just got together this afternoon,” his face turned red, “We even kissed.”

“Aww! So cute! My little Mattie is growing up.” She pinched his cheeks.

“Monica? Monica Kelly?”

Matt nodded.

“Not too bad, dude. She’s in my science class. Have you just kissed, or…

“We didn’t have sex yet.”

“Why not?” Christina stretched over Justin and laid her head on Matt’s lap, a curtain of red hair draped over his pants.

“Well, I think she wanted to, but I had to come here.”

“Well, that sucks. I’d have done it. Dad’s burgers are good, but they’re not as good as getting laid.”

“Hey, you could always call her. We could sneak her through the window and hide you both in my closet.” Justin winked.

“Yeah,” Christina threw her arms around Matt’s neck, “and I kinda want to see how cute she is.”

Matt nodded. “It’s probably too late. She’s at home now.”

“Oh, bummer!”

“It’s fine,” he shoved his cousin off, “she agreed to meet me tomorrow. I think we’ll do it—”

Matt’s phone rang. He pulled it from his pocket.

“Is that her?”

He nodded. “It’s her sister.”

Christina folded her arms as Matt answered.


“Hey,” Jane interrupted, “Matt, is Moni with you?”

“No. She went home after school.”

“Well, my mom just called. Moni never came home.”

Matt’s eyes widened. “WHAT? But I walked her home this afternoon.”

“She told me you were going to. Did she go into the house? Did you go with her?”

“She … um … I … we …”



“Where is my sister?”

“She … promise you won’t tell her I told you?”

“Is she where I think she is?”

“Y-yeah. She wanted to stay there and play for a little bit.”

“You’re not with her?”

“No, I had to go to my uncle’s barbecue.”

“Fuck! I guess me and Chase will go and pick her up.”

“Please don’t tell her I snitched.”

“I won’t.” The phone clicked.

Matt stared at the screen.

“Did she break up with you or…”

Matt nodded and rushed to the window. “I need to step out for a bit. I need to keep her from getting in trouble. Can you two cover me?”

“Go rescue your girl, we’ll cover you. It’ll be an hour or so before they bother to check on us anyways.”

“Thanks!” He opened the window and climbed out.

Jane threw on her coat and sweatpants, Chase put on a t-shirt and some khakis. She checked her phone again.

“Anything from Moni?”

Jane shook her head. “This isn’t like her at all. She always answers.” She looked again, still no messages. “We need to go. I told Mom I’d meet her there in thirty minutes.”

The stormed down the stairs and out into the cold.

Casey sat with a grin. Moni hung between two beams with a rusty pole running through her, and her arms and feet tied behind her back. She was on the ratrack. He didn’t think it would hold her, or that it would go through her, but it did. He shoved the pole through her asshole. It got stuck, but a few taps from the hammer got it through. It came out of her throat instead of her mouth, but it was close enough. She’d taste nice just the same.

He pulled a jar from his pocket half-filled with a mixture of old hot sauce he found in the trash, ketchup, and nacho cheese. He dumped the sauce on Moni’s back and tossed it at a rock. He plunged both hands in and began to smear it all over her body, covering her ass, getting it in her crack, and stuffing globs of it in her ass and pussy holes. He moved to her thighs, calves, and feet. He moved back to her torso, rubbing it on her breasts and stomach. Her arms, face, and throat followed. He soaked the last of it into her hair.

Casey stood back as the sauce dripped into the pile of leaves and garbage below. He struck a match.

Jane rounded the corner. The mountains of trash laid across the street, casting their demonic shadows. Chase came around seconds later and collapsed to his knees as he caught his breath.

“Who’s that?”

A boy stopped in front of the gate.


He turned around. Matt’s eyes widened as Jane stormed across the street.

“Why are you here? I thought you went to your uncle’s.”

“His house isn’t that far from here.”

“Okay, but why?”

“I-I just wanted to help Moni get home before she got in trouble.”

“Well, you’re too late for that. My mom will be here any minute.”

“Y-you told?”


Matt frowned. “I wish you didn’t have to get the grown-ups.”

“I’m sorry, but she’s not answering her phone.”

He pulled out his phone. “Huh!”

“Yeah, and that’s gotten me and my mom worried.”

Headlights appeared and moved down the road. A maroon SUV stopped in front of them, the driver honked the horn. A plumb dark-haired woman stepped out of the passenger seat.

“Hey mom!” Jane waved.

“Hey!” Her dad waved as he stepped out of the driver’s seat.

The side door opened, a burly red haired man stepped out.

“Uncle Chris!” Jane squealed as she ran to him and threw her arms around him. “When did you get here?”

He patted her on the head. “Just this afternoon.”

“Are you Matt?” Her mom asked.

“Yeah. I came to help find Moni.”

“I hope your parents know you’re out this late.”

He nodded. “They do.”

Jane glared at him.

“I hope you know I will check with them after I find my daughter.”

“There’s no need for—”

A column of flames shot up over trash mountains. Matt threw open the gate and rushed in. Jane went in after, followed by her dad and Chris. They followed him through the trash, moving towards the flames. Matt stopped on the other side of the hill. Jane came into the valley. Her eyes bulged as she stared at the fire and she started screaming.

“Oh my fucking God!” Her dad trembled. “Oh my fucking God! Fuck no!”

Matt screamed and rushed down the valley. “Moni! Moni!”

“Stop! Stop!” Her dad and uncle screamed as a man stepped out of the shadows, raising a hammer. “Goddamnit stop!”

They ran after him.

“Stay away! This is my dinner!”

“Moni! Please don’t let this be—” Matt stopped as the claw of the hammer claw burrowed into skull.

Jane’s heart stopped as Matt dropped to the ground, twitching and pissing his pants. Her dad and uncle tackled the man and forced him to the ground. “You killed my daughter, piece of shit!”

Her dad cried as he pounded the man’s face. She never heard him cry, it was like a bear screaming.

“What’s going…” Her mom’s shrieking drowned everything as she ran down the valley. She grabbed her daughter’s body and pulled her down, along with the beams down.

The brute screamed. “No! Yer ruin’in it! Yer can’ take my dinn—”

“You shut the fuck up!” He buckled as Chris punched him in the gut.

Her mom wailed ank rocked Monica in her arms. She tightened her grip, Monica’s head contorted and a chunk of brain plopped out on the ground. Jane collapsed to her knees and vomited, then passed out.


Jane sat up and threw the blanket off. Chase groaned and tugged on the blanket. She was in her room. She looked at Chase snore. What happened to sleeping at his house? How did this...

Tap-tap! Tap-tap! Jane screamed as the door creaked open and her mom poked her head in. She was sobbing.


“I-I just got a call from Melissa. Matt-Matt just passed away.”

Matt was dead? Why would Matt be … Matt was injured. He was hit by a hammer. Jane’s eyes bulged, her stomach collapsed into a black hole. Matt was dead, Monica was…

Jane screamed and tears flooded her eyes.

“I know sweetie,” her mom threw her arms around her, “he’s no longer in any pain. He’s with your sister now.”

“C-can we go and see him? I want to say g-goodbye”

Her mom sniffled. “Yeah, they said it’d be okay if we came up there, but they’d understand if you didn’t want to see him like that.”

“I-I need to do this. Moni would’ve if she was still here. She’d want me to.”

“I’m proud of you sweetie.”

Jane shook Chase until he opened his eyes. “Hey…”

“Hey!” He smiled.

She threw her arms around him and cried on his shoulder. “Matt’s dead.”

His jaw dropped, he held her. “Shit! Oh my God.”

“We-we’re going to visit him in the hospital. I want you to come,” she looked at her mom.

“Yeah, he can come. I’ll be in the car.”

Jane and Chase got dressed and joined her parents in the car.

Their funerals were held a week later. Monica and Matt were buried next to each other. Their killer, a fugitive wanted for multiple a raping several children in Oklahoma, was identified as Casey Archer. His trial lasted for six months, ending with him getting sentenced to death. The City of Minette demolished the Junkyard that same year, and a memorial park dedicated to Monica and Matt was erected.