Sean's Little Helper

g-self, MF, Mf, ff, necro, loli, teens, extreme-gore, knife, behead, guts, sadistic, piss, vomit

When a serial killer decides to murder her family, Dianna decides to assist him.


Public Release: 17-Mar-2022

Trip To The Farm

Dolcett, gore, cannibalism, cons, teen, MF, yuri

A group of schoolgirls tour a farm where girls just like them are treated like cattle; many will never leave.


Public Release: 11-Feb-2022

Meat Wagon

Dolcett, gore, cannibalism, cons, teen, loli, yuri

Olivia helps her brother on his meatgirl wagon.

Slaughterhouse Assistant

Dolcett, gore, cannibalism, cons, teen, loli, yuri

Amanda has worked at the girlmeat slaughterhouse since she was a kid. Today, she becomes meat.

No Cheer

rape, strangulation, beating, piss

Greg is displeased with the lack of support from the cheerleaders.


gore, MF, fellatio, shit

A young woman's romantic afternoon is ruined by a call of nature.

Junkyard Rat

gore, tween, teen, rape

A young girl encounters a killer in her favorite play area.


gore, MF+, necro

A serial killer sneaks into a party and hooks up with a couple of sluts.

High School Murder Spree

massacre, gore, deathgame, cons, teen

Teens compete for cash in a deadly game of hide-and-seek.

Juvenile Execution

shooting, teen, tween, loli, yuri(Fg)

A group of juveniles face capital punishment for their crimes.