Culling Uniforms

Three boys looked at Natalie as she dropped her pencil and got up from the desk. It was like that all day, for every girl in Carvell Academy. Miss Myers’s eighth-grade boys couldn’t help looking whenever a girl walked across the room. The girls were wearing their special uniforms, sports bra, and skirts that stopped centimeters below the crotch. They only had to wear them once a year, what they called Special Uniform Day. Underwear was prohibited.

Natalie smirked as their gaze followed her down the aisle. Bolek, a blonde boy sitting near the front, turned away and worked on his drawing as she came closer. She dropped her test on the teacher’s desk.

“Done already?” Miss Myers put the sheet in a scanner and tapped her hand terminal. She shook her head. It didn’t matter, the test wouldn’t have changed her fate by that point. Myers marked ten percent on her paper and handed it back to her.

Bolek jerked his head down as Natalie turned to head back to her seat. She swerved to his side of the aisle and giggled as her thigh brushed against his elbow. She strutted back to her seat. A blonde girl with pigtails was snickering next to Natalie’s seat.

Natalie sat down and leaned towards her ear. “It wasn’t that funny.”

“No,” Celia gripped her arm and pointed at Bolek, “he was recording your ass.”

Natalie looked back. Bolek was staring down at his terminal with his mouth agape. She shrugged. “At least he’s cute.” They both laughed.

“I think he has a crush on you.”

“You think so, huh?”

“Have you ever noticed how he gets quiet when you come in?”

Natalie shook her head. “No. He’s always been quiet.”

“He’s quite chatty when you’re not around. He also didn’t look away when other girls walked past him. He’s shy around you, that means he likes you.”

Natalie looked at him again. He rested his face on his hand, with one eye peeking at her between two fingers. Natalie snickered and he covered his eye.

“You think he’s cute?”

“I do.”

“Then show him a little more.” Celia poked her boob.

Natalie cupped her breasts. “You think I should?”

“I mean, I would if I was already as far in the red as you. If I had anything to show that is.” She slapped her chest. Celia wasn’t flat, with two pointy mounds sprouting beneath her bra, and she was still growing. They didn’t match up to Natalie’s, which sprouted six months ago and were now a pair of grapefruits that would tear out of her bra if they were just a little bigger.

Natalie scribbled, “Look back, get your camera ready,” on the back of her test and balled it up. Celia grabbed it and threw it at the back of Bolek’s head. He turned as Natalie raised her bra. She grinned while jiggling her tits. He grabbed his terminal and almost threw it as he tapped the screen. She lifted her skirt and started rubbing her pussy until strings of slime dripped from her fingers. She stuck each one in her mouth and sucked them clean, giggling as Bolek’s face flushed scarlet. Miss Myers looked up from her terminal and shook her head.

“Well, you’re definitely not going to survive today.” Celia laughed.

Natalie accepted that fate months ago, with all of the school she missed, school work she blew off, and violations, she would not make it to the ninth grade. In twenty minutes she would hang with three other girls. She knew that when she walked in this morning and saw the nooses dangling behind the teacher’s desk.

“I think I have an idea for one last hurrah.”

Celia giggled. “Showing your tits in class wasn’t enough of a last hurrah.”

“How do you think he’ll act when I let him fuck me?”

Celia’s covered her mouth. “I think you may just give him a heart attack.”

Natalie winked. “We’ll soon find out.”

“I’m a little jealous.”

“That I’m going to hang in a few minutes?”

She nodded. “You can pretty much do anything and you don’t have to care about shit,” she slapped her test, “like this.”

“I can help you with that.”


Natalie reached over and pulled Celia’s bra up.

Her face turned red as Bolek focused his terminal on her. “You pervert.” She grabbed the hem of her bra, but stopped and giggled. Miss Myers looked up.

“I think you’re in the red now. Come, let’s go get laid.”

“You should have let me wait another year or two for my tits to grow out. Would anyone even want to fuck these?” She squeezed her small tits.

“They won’t—”

Celia jerked her head up. “Wha—”

“They’ll want to fuck your pussy. A lot of guys don’t mind small tits. Hell, there’s an entire class of dudes who prefer them. C’mon, I’ll even help you get someone.”

Celia tapped her desk while fidgeting with her bra. She shrugged and threw the test sheet over her shoulders. “I suppose it won’t hurt now.”

“That’s the spirit!” Natalie yanked Celia out of her seat.

Marko, a redheaded boy sitting by Bolek, tapped him on the shoulder and whispered something to him. Bolek’s eyes bulged.

“Hi there. Bolek, right?” Natalie leaned in and kissed him on the forehead.

He was shaking. “Y-yeah.”

She swung her boobs in his face and squeezed them together. “Like what you see?”

He nodded. He reached and stopped centimeters away.

“Here you go.” Natalie grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast, covering the nipple. His face was glowing.

“I know you want to fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I don’t have much time, so we'll have to make this quick.”

Natalie pulled him up. “Hold these.” She placed his hands on her tits. She rubbed his crotch before unzipping his shorts. She continued rubbing and scratching his crotch through his boxers until his cock peaked out through his fly and sprang forward. “Now, stick that in my pussy and fuck me.”


She turned around and bent over, placing her hands on Chatur’s desk. The brown boy looked up. “Hey, Nat! Nice tits.”


Bolek placed his hands on the desk next to hers’.

“You can hold me if you like.” She moved his hands to her torso.

“T-thanks!” He slid them around her waist. She stuck her hips out as the tip of his cock bumped her labia.

“I hope you don’t mind.”

“Go right ahead. It beats this stupid game.” He slapped his terminal as “Checkmate!” flashes across the screen.

“Record them.” Natalie rubbed her ass against Bolek’s crotch and grunted as her pussy lips enveloped his cock. Her hips thrust back and forth until she started panting. Bolek began moving with her.

Chatur turned on his camera and pointed it at her tits as they bounced.

“Do … a favor for me.” Bolek rubbed her belly, caressing her tender flesh with his fingernails, as he began hammering her pussy.

“What is it?”

“Oh! Do … you think … Celia is hot?”

Celia grinned and waved as Chatur looked at her. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

Natalie’s chest heaved. She tried to speak, but the words came out as moans. She gasped. “Take… take out your cock… let her ride it.”

Chatur scooted his seat back, leaving the terminal on the desk with the camera aimed up. He unzipped his pants and waved for Celia. She skipped over and climbed on your lap.

“Yeah, I think you’re hot.” He squeezed each of her tits and sucked on them.

Celia giggled and blushed. “Thanks!”

He gripped her waist and guided her hips to his cock. She lifted her skirt. She squealed.

“I’m sorry.”

Celia breathed. “It’s fine.” She bounced on his lap.

Natalie’s body rocked every time Bolak’s balls slapped her thighs, she was howling. Warmth spread from her groin to every extremity. He gripped Natalie’s tits and leaned in. His warm breath wafted over her ears. He kissed her and whispered, “I love you.” He grunted as his cock twitched in her pussy. She clenched her thighs as the warmth ignited, her pussy gripping his manhood as it filled her womb with semen.

“Give it to me! Yeah! Fill me up!” She screamed, bucked her ass, and pounded the desk with her fist. His dick kept spraying until globs poured out, streaming down her thighs in sticky rivers.

The fountain stopped and Bolak pulled out with a slurp. Natalie staggered and collapsed to the floor.

“D-did you like it?” Bolak gasped as his ass slammed against his seat.

“Uh-huh!” Natalie nodded. She crawled to him. “I gotta do a little cleaning.” She closed her lips around the tip of his cock and licked up the cum. She slid down his shaft, licking and sucking it clean.

Celia screamed. “Fuck! Fuck!”

Chatur was groaning as she jackhammered his crotch. She collapsed, laying her head against his chest and throwing her arms around him. He held her, rubbing her back as she heaved in his arms. Rivers of cum flowed down her thighs into her socks.

The intercom beeped and the administrator spoke. “The annual culling has begun. Each teacher will be responsible for overseeing the culling and disposal of the four female students, selected based upon their academic and behavioral scores. You will receive the names on your hand terminals before I am finished speaking. Any student who refuses to cooperate will be reported to Pop-Co along with all female family members down to second cousins.” The intercom beeped again.

Myer stepped forward. “When I call your name you must step up on one of the stools behind my desk.” She looked at her terminal. “Natalie Bostwick!”

“That’s me!” She kissed Bolak’s dick. “You gonna miss me?” She got up and pulled the bra down.

“I’d have thought you would go with it off.”

“I like to tease.”

Celia laughed as Natalie staggered through the classroom to the far left corner and climbed on the stool. She fed the river of bubblegum-pink hair that fell to her hips through the noose before putting it around her neck.

“Miriam Schaefer!”

A black girl with bangs and glasses stood up in the back. She waved at her friends before walking down the aisle and climbing on a stool next to the door.

“Celia Vervoort!”

Celia kissed Chatur and climbed off his lap. She pulled the bra over her tits, bit her lip, then pulled it off and tossed it to Chatur. She kissed him again and whispered in his ear. His face turned red as she walked away.

“You know this is your fault?” She climbed on the stool next to Natalie and put the noose around her head.

Natalie laughed. “Yeah? But was it fun?”

She looked down at the rivers of cum still oozing down her legs. “Yeah. It was. It’s still your fault, though.”

Natalie rolled her eyes.

“Sasha Bours!”

A girl with caramel skin and short rainbow hair climbed on the last stool.

Myers opened the largest drawer in her desk. Eight camera disks flew out, two hovered around each girl.

“Shit! I forgot that they record this.”

Natalie laughed. “That’s the only part that bothers you?”

“My boobs aren’t ready to be seen by the whole galaxy!”

“Your boobs are fine. Besides, it won't be the whole galaxy, just the less-than-a-percent who get off by watching cute girls die.”

“That’s still hundreds of trillions of people.”

Myers went to Miriam and kicked the stool. Miriam gagged and kicked as the rope tightened around her neck.

“Hey, you chose to give your bra to Chatur.”

Sasha fell as the stool flew out from under her.

“This is still your fau—.” Celia fell and thrashed in the air.


Natalie dug into her pussy until her finger was coated in cum and pussy juice. She licked it as Myers stopped in front of her. The teacher shook her head and kicked.

The rope dug into her throat after she fell half a meter. She gagged trying to suck in air. Her feet flailed trying to find a surface but only landed on air. One camera hovered in front while the other buzzed around her. The class had their terminal cameras on them; Bolak’s focused on Natalie. Her chest was burning. Her arms became heavy until they dropped to her sides. Her kicking slowed, her legs and feet were becoming numb. Numbness spread up her hips, the burning in her lungs began to fade. The room dimmed. Something warm drizzled down her legs, then the room went dark as her eyes rolled back in her skull.