Cheer Hunt

The worst part about Haltom Academy losing the football game, in Kaylee’s opinion, was staying behind to see which cheerleader would get selected. She wanted to go home and hang out with Cassia and Jordan, while Mom ordered pizza. Instead, she was in a conference room with twenty-four girls, wearing a black crop top and miniskirt with orange stripes, and a white rabbit on each breast, and her platinum-blonde hair tied in a ponytail.

It was probably going to be midnight before she got home. They had to wait for Leah to take a leak. That girl always had to use the bathroom. Maybe she should drink less tea? She really couldn’t blame her; none of them were going home until the Cheer Hunt was over. One of them would never go home. Kaylee scratched her neck.

“I’m done!” Leah slammed the bathroom door and plopped down at the table.

Renee looked around. “Does anyone else need to use the bathroom before we do the drawing?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Good,” she sat a black cup on the table, “let’s see who’s going to die today.”

The girls shifted in their seats, some fidgeted with their hair or scratched themselves.

Renee reached in and pulled out a scrap of paper. Each cheerleader grabbed the hand of the girl next to her. Two hands closed around Kaylee’s; the one on the right belonged to a red haired girl. The other belonged to a black girl named Rosa: her girlfriend.

“Kaylee Bowman!”

Her heart stopped. The red haired girl and Rosa tightened their grips, everyone was looking at her.

“W-wha?” Her eyes became watery. “C-can you please pick someone else? T-tomorrow’s my birthday. I’m turning thirteen. Please let me celebrate my last birthday. I promise to volunteer next time if you pick someone else today.”

“I’m sorry,” Renee grimaced, “but I can’t do that. As your coach I am obligated to make sure the girl we’re offering is selected at random. If I were to pick someone else, exclude you from the drawing, or even allow you to volunteer next time, I’d be dropped in a vat of acid with nothing but my underwear.”

“Would they know?”

Renee pointed at the two cameras on the walls. “They would know. Plus, with this many people, someone is bound to snitch.”

Kaylee hung her head as Rosa patted her on the back.

“Well, if I have to die, we might as well get it over with as quickly as possible. I hate waiting.” She got up with Rosa’s assistance. Her legs wobbled as she walked.

Renee held out a tiny camera drone in her palm. It took off with a whirring of its propellers and hovered around Kaylee. “Alright, girls! Let’s line up to give Kaylee her goodbye kiss.

“I go first.” Rosa threw her arms around Kaylee and the two locked lips. Kaylee slipped a finger down Rosa’s skirt and between her legs. Rosa moaned as she rubbed her pussy.

“Ahem!” Renee pried them apart. Rosa scowled, Kaylee whimpered.

“But we never got to … this is our last moment—”

“We don’t have time. I have to bring you to the Hunting Grounds in thirty minutes. Get the rest of your goodbye kisses and let’s go.” Renee caressed Rosa’s hair. “I’ll go down on you while we watch the Hunt if you don’t make a big fuss.”

Leah stepped up and leaned forward, her lips meeting Kaylee’s. They kissed for three seconds and she walked away. Each girl kissed her on the lips. A third of them slipped their tongues in, Kaylee sucked on them until the coach pulled them away. She let five girls cup her budding tits and two squeezed her ass, two girls grabbed her pussy.

Renee stepped forward and bent down. Her cleavage hung down before her face. Kaylee reached out and stopped as her face turned red.

“You can touch them if you like. Don’t be shy.” Renee grabbed her wrist and pulled it to her breast. Kaylee squeezed.

“Mind if I touch your … pussy?”

Renee laughed. “Go right ahead.”

Kaylee lifted the coach's skirt and slipped her hand into her panties. Renee put her hands on Kaylee’s ass and leaned in. The scent of strawberries and fish wafted over her nose. Her lips touched hers’ and they kissed. Kaylee gripped Renee’s tit and pussy as she slipped her tongue into the coach’s mouth. Renee sucked on it for almost a minute then broke off. Kaylee sniffed.

“Sorry, but all good things must come to an end.”

Kaylee pulled her hand out of Renee’s panties and licked the pussy juice off. “I-I’m ready.”

Renee escorted her out of the room, and her teammates followed.

The Hunting Ground was an hour ride on the bus. Kaylee sat with her girlfriend. They held each other’s hand and kissed the entire journey away. They stopped in front of a thick forest.

“Here we are!” The driver opened the door.

Rosa gave Kaylee a final smooch and started sobbing as Renee grabbed her hand. Rosa covered her face and started sobbing. The driver turned on the TV. She wished she could stay and kiss Rosa while watching one of her squadmates get hunted. What would Rosa do this time? Find someone else to kiss or just sit and cry the whole time?

Kaylee followed her coach off the bus. The football team from Richland sat around a few picnic tables. A swarm of camera drones buzzed around, six broke off towards her as she stepped out on the ground. A gust of wind rushed by, lifting her skirt. Three of the football players laughed as Kaylee tried to cover her pink Hello Kitty panties. She grinned back at them and held her skirt up until one of them blushed. Part of her wanted to die on the spot, the other hoped they liked what they saw.

A dirt road trailed through the picnic area to a gate with a fence ten meters high, continuing into the woods beyond. The fence disappeared on both horizons, but Kaylee heard it was ten kilometers to the other side. Renee tugged and Kaylee followed her down the trail. A man in a referee uniform stood next to the gate, waving them over.

Renee stopped her at the gate.

“Glad to see you could make it.”

“I’m not.” Kaylee folded her arms.

The man smiled. “Yeah, well, most girls aren’t,” he placed his hand on her shoulder, “You’re not going to make this difficult are you?”

“No sir! I don’t like it, but I’d rather just go ahead and get it over with. I’m ready to be hunted.”

He chuckled. “You’re a good sport then. So, why don’t I go over the rules real quick so I can get you in?”

“I’d like that, yeah.”

“When you enter the grounds you’ll have twenty minutes toe yourself. How you want to spend it is up to you. If you want to prolong your last moments in this world I’d suggest you run like hell.”

“Is there really any point?”

He shrugged. “I mean … you are going to die in there. This tall-ass fence has enough electricity flowing through it to knock you out. Even if you did get out the government would throw you and your family out to your second cousins into vats of acid.” Kaylee shivered. “Still, most people find it hard to surrender their lives even if they know they’re only prolonging it for a short time. I don’t know if you’re like that, but if you do want to stand at the gate tapping your foot until these boys come in and gun you down that’s your choice. Because, after twenty minutes have elapsed, no matter what, I am going to let these boys in. Do you understand?”

Kaylee nodded.

“Alright,” he entered numbers into a keypad and the gate swung open with a buzz, “get in.”

Her body stiffened. Her legs moved, carrying her forward. She needed to go back, to run away, but she kept moving into the woods. She passed the gate. Why was she doing that? She’d never leave if she didn’t turn around. She needed—CLINK! The gate slammed behind her. It was too late.

Kaylee strolled through the woods until she could no longer see the fence, and the only thing she could see in any direction were trees. Ten camera drones followed her in, then spread out as she moved away from the gate, with one or two remaining close to her. She stopped after ten minutes, maybe twelve, or fifteen; she didn’t have a phone or watch. She may have already used up her twenty minutes and the Richland boys were creeping through the trees with their rifles. It didn’t matter, that was far enough.

She could have hidden deeper in the woods, running every time she heard footsteps. How long would that work? With thirty boys looking for her? This wasn’t a hunt. If it was a real hunt the prey would have a chance to escape. This was an execution with running.

Kaylee kicked her boots off into the trees, then dropped her panties to the ground and stepped out. She stepped off the trail and hid behind the nearest tree. She looked back. Why was she leaving her panties right on the trail? She needed to hide them, toss them in the woods. She dropped to the ground. Was she really just going to give up this soon? Was it really that easy to just lay there and wait to die? The other choice was getting back up just to hide her drawers, so maybe.

How was she going to die? She was going to be shot, sure. Where, and with how many bullets? Some of these boys could be brutal. Would they just blow her brains out? Would she hear footsteps right before it all ended as her lifeless body slumped over? Her body was going to be useless in a few hours, untouched by anyone. Her crotch began to ache. Rosa wanted to “wait until marriage” to fuck, and Mom never let her hang out with boys. How many wanted to touch her? She lifted her skirt. Juice dripped from her pussy. They always looked at her ass when she walked around in shorts or that skimpy-ass uniform. Nobody would want to touch any of it by the end of that week. She started rubbing her slit until her finger was drenched. What a waste! She lifted her shirt and squeezed her lemon-sized tits; they’d never get any bigger.

Kaylee slipped two fingers into her pussy. She moved her other hand down her stomach and rubbed her clit. She wished she had brought her dildo or even a toothbrush; better, her brother’s electric toothbrush. What would it be like to die with his toothbrush in her pussy? What did they do with the belongings of the dead cheerleaders? What if they sent it back to her family? Mom would’ve thrown it out, but what if they didn’t? And what if Damien used it? He’d love cleaning his mouth with something that touched her dead pussy. She caught him masturbating to her photos once, so that was almost a guarantee. He’d have probably skipped the toothbrush and stuck his tongue right in her cunt, dead or alive, if he had the chance. Kaylee seized with orgasm. Her legs twitched, her cunt juice sprayed each time she squeezed her thighs. Her body quivered.

“You’re not even trying to hide, are you?” The sound of crunching leaves approached. A blonde boy of about fourteen, maybe fifteen, appeared around the tree, pointing a rifle at the ground.

Kaylee nodded as she kept rubbing her pussy with one hand while licking her cunt juice from the other.

“Oh … wow, you must’ve been really going at it over here.”

“Yeah,” Kaylee gasped, “thinking about dying is kinda hot.”

“Well, I hope you’re done.”

Kaylee nodded. “I am,” the crotch of his pants bulged as he raised his gun, “unless…”

“Unless what?” He took his finger off the trigger.

“I wouldn’t mind if you threw me a goodbye fuck.”

“Hmm … I’ll have to think about—”

“Come on! You’re legally allowed to do anything you want to me. When’s the next time you’ll be able to fuck a twelve-year-old without going to prison?” He scratched his chin. Kaylee contorted her face until tears streamed from her eyes. “Please! I’ve never made love to anyone and I don’t want to die a virgin.”

“Oh, alright!” He put the gun down.

“Yay!” Kaylee grinned and started clapping.

“You have to do something for me after.”


He started laughing. “You have to hold your skirt up while I empty a clip into your pussy.”

Kaylee stared at him. “Wh-what?”

“I want you to let me shoot you in the pussy. I’ll even let you feel what it’s like without your cunt for a whole minute before I finish you off. Unless you’d rather I just empty the clip into your face right now and let you die a virgin.”

Kaylee grabbed her pussy. Did she really want to give it up for some cock? The boy unzipped his pants and a nine-inch stick of meat sprang out. Her jaw dropped.

“Y-you have a deal.” She stood up and leaned against the tree with her ass sticking out.

The boy placed his hands on hers. He leaned against her, his warm breath washed over her left ear. “Name’s Devon, by the way.”

“I’m, ugchk—” she grunted as his cock penetrated her cunt, “Kaylee.” Something warm seeped down her legs. She opened her eyes; a stream of blood trickled from her pussy. She smiled.

Devon slid his hands down her arms to her shoulders. He nibbled her ear then kissed her down the length of her neck, then up to her other ear, groaning. Her tits jiggled as his balls slapped her thighs, until his hands slipped under her shirt and cupped them in place.

“I don’t think I’m going to last very long,” he gasped.

Kaylee exhaled. “Me … me neither. J-just let it go and then blow my fucking pussy away.”

Devon groaned. His cock twitched in her pussy, warm semen spilled out down her legs. Kaylee howled, her body trembled. She collapsed against the tree, wrapping her arms around the trunk to hold herself up. Her chest pounded with each gasp of air.

“Alright,” Devon said after thirty seconds, “it’s time.”

Kaylee whimpered. Couldn’t she just turn back time and relive the last few minutes forever?

“Just bend over like you did earlier. You won’t even need to hold your skirt up for me to get the good shot as short as it is.”

Kaylee bent over with her ass out again and spread her legs. She was trembling, her knees were wobbly. She couldn’t stand up for long.


Gunfire erupted. Pain shot across Kaylee’s body as her crotch exploded into blood and chunks of meat. She screamed and slid down against the trunk.

When the gun stopped Kaylee was sobbing and screaming on the ground. Her body throbbed, her pelvis burned. Her vision faded in and out. She screamed and pounded the ground each time she regained consciousness. Couldn’t she just die already? She didn’t want to live, why was the universe keeping her? Devon’s one minute seemed like days.

Devon's foot prodded her ribs and pushed Kaylee onto her back. She gritted her teeth.

“Please just go ahead and kill me. I want to die now.”

“I’m about to, in twenty seconds.”

Kaylee wailed as he started counting down. Each second was an entire year; when he got to ten, it became a thousand years.

“Five … four … three,” he loaded another clip into his gun, “one!”

“Do it!”

“Hold up your shirt.”


“I wanna shoot your tits. Then I’ll put the last few between your pretty green eyes.”

Kaylee groaned and lifted her shirt. She puffed her breasts as he aimed. Her tits exploded into jets. She vomited blood as her heart and lungs were pulverized. He continued up to her face, putting two in her throat, one round tore through her jaw. Everything went black as the last round went through the roof of her gaping mouth.

Devon put the last three rounds into Kaylee’s forehead and stood watching her twitch for several minutes. The camera drones swarmed the body like vultures. Devon scooped the body into arms.

He stopped and picked up the Hello Kitty panties she left on the trail. He covered his nose and sniffed. “Mmm!” He stuffed them into his pocket and headed towards the gate.