Birthday Killer 1

There was no key under the welcome mat. Jana said there would be one, that they always left one under the mat for their daughter when she got home. It wasn’t there. Maybe it was under that flower pot?

Emma looked and huffed when the pavement underneath was bare. “Fucking Jana can’t gather intel for shit.” It might be in the dirt, but she wasn’t about to tear up the porch looking for the damned thing.

She pulled a paperclip out of her purse, unraveled it, and stuck it in the keyhole. Something clicked and she turned the knob. Emma cracked the door open and slipped in, closing it behind her.

“James?” A voice yelled around the corner.

Emma jumped and slammed the door. Why was there someone here? Jana said everyone would be at school or work. Maybe Lily got sick?

“James? What are you doing home so early?”

Emma crossed the living room.

“I hope you didn’t get—” An Asian woman at the corner. A glass fell from her hand and shattered, sending shards of glass and tea everywhere.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

The woman’s eyes bulged. “I’m supposed to be here. Who the fuck are you—”

She screamed as Emma rushed across the room and grabbed her by the waist. Her screams were muffled as Emma covered her mouth.

“Why the fuck did you have to be here?”

Emma dragged the woman into the kitchen as she tried to pull her hands off. Emma grabbed a stopper off the counter and threw it into the drain, then turned the water on. The woman jerked, Emma tightened her grip.

“I’m really sorry about this,” Emma whispered and caressed her long black hair, “but you can’t be allowed to interfere with my mission.”

She turned off the faucet as it reached the brim. Steam rose out of the water. Emma stuck her hand in the water and pulled back, yelling.

“Shit! Should’ve paid attention to which knob I was turning. I am definitely sorry about this, but this is gonna hurt me too.”

The woman screamed and thrashed as Emma shoved her head into the water. Her muffled screams continued underwater. Emma gnashed and gritted her teeth as the water soaked through her sleeves and scalded her hands. Water sloshed over the counters as the woman flailed. She scratched Emma’s arms as she dug her hand into her hair and forced her to the bottom of the sink.

Emma slipped a hand down the woman’s shorts, “Shh! Don’t fight it.” Emma rubbed her vulva through the fabric until her crotch was slick. Her kicking slowed and stopped. Her hands slid down Emma’s arm and flopped to her sides, dangling from the sink as the woman twitched. Her body shuttered. Emma jerked her hand back as piss soaked through the woman’s panties and shorts, and streamed down her legs.

Emma held her underwater for another minute. She pulled her head out. Blisters cratered her reddened face as columns of steam rising to the ceiling. Vacant brown eyes stared back, her mouth hung open. Emma dropped the corpse on the floor and pulled her by ankle into the hallway.

“Now, if I were the bedroom of an eighteen-year-old, what would I look like?” The first room was painted black with Transformers and Warhammer posters. Lily was supposed to be into girly things.

The next door led to a bathroom.

She opened the third door and entered a pink room. A Sailor Moon spread covered the bed, a dozen stuffed animals laid at the foot. Posters of Edward Cullen and Justin Bieber lined the walls. Emma gagged. This shit’s still a thing? A pink laptop with Hello Kitty stickers sat on the desk.

She dragged the woman across the room and opened the closet door. Another pile of stuffed animals covered the floor. Emma snickered at the pink vibrator sitting on the second shelf.

“This is our stop, babe.” She lugged her into the closet and sat down next to her. “And let’s get you out of those filthy shorts.” Emma pulled off her shorts and tossed them on the top shelf, then tore off her panties and threw the shreds everywhere. Emma shut the closet. She sat and pulled the woman’s pussy to her mouth. She spread her labia and started licking.

It was almost three thirty. Miss Priebe droned on about the Year of the Five Emperors. Breanna, a pink-haired Asian in a cheerleader uniform, yawned every few minutes, and tapped on the desk in between. Each minute lasted an eternity. Two more minutes... one minute… thirty seconds… fifteen seconds… ten seconds... five… one… the bell rang.

“Remember to read up on the Severan Dynasty!” Priebe shouted as her students grabbed their stuff and scurried out of the room.

Breanna pushed her way through two girls holding hands, ran through the crowded halls, and burst through the front doors. She crossed the street to the parking lot. Her friends were standing around her Kia. Lois pointed as she approached. Jasmine and Lily looked up and waved. Breanna smiled and waved back. She high-fived Lois and Jasmine. Lily started to frown when Breanna didn’t do the same for her, then Breanna threw her arms around her.

“Happy birthday!”

“You just now remembered it was my birthday?”

“No. I just wanted to wait to do it in person, with it being your sweet eighteen and all.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m sure. I assume you’re still going to come to my party?”

“Of course I am,” she shrugged, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Jasmine smiled. “Good, cause Lois needs a ride. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Jasmine’s riding with me and I’m going to have a lot of stuff in the back before I get home.”

“She can ride with me,” Breanna hugged Lois.

“Thank you!” Lily kissed Breanna and grabbed Jasmine’s arm. They made their way to Lily’s car as Breanna opened the door.

“Now, I gotta go home and change and take a quick shower.”

“That’s fine, Lily lives across the street anyways.” Lois adjusted her skirt and glasses as she hopped in. “Thanks for the ride.”

“You’re welcome.”

Breanna pulled into the driveway and hopped out.

She ducked her head back in. “If you want you can come in and hang out while I get changed. It’ll be lonely at Lily’s house right now, knowing how long they take at the store, and it’ll be just me and you.”

“Eh, I think I’ll wait at Lily’s house. I’m sure Robert would appreciate my help.”

If by help she meant walking around and in those booty shorts as he stared at her smooth, chocolatey, thighs, while trying to hide an erection, then, yeah, he’d appreciate it. She was going to wear her favorite miniskirt and a crop top, so she really couldn’t judge. “Alright, then. Tell them I’ll be over shortly.”

Lois climbed and went across the street as Breanna made her way into the house. The door was unlocked, and she didn’t have to dig the key out of her backpack.

“Mom,” she yelled, “I’m home!” Nobody answered. “Mom? Are you…” She stopped in the kitchen.

The floor was soaked with piss. Kai laid on the counter drinking from a sink filled to the brim. “I guess Mom forgot to let you out?” The cat purred as Breanna scratched her ears and jumped off. She mopped the floor and pulled the stopper out of the sink, then opened the back door for Kai. She grabbed a banana from the fridge and headed to her room.

“Mom!” She called down the hall.

When she didn’t answer Breanna pulled the door shut and locked it. She threw her bag on the floor, pulled her skirt down to her knees and let it fall to her ankles as she plopped on the bed, grabbing a pair of scissors off the nightstand and placing them by her pillow. Breanna pulled her panties off and laid back. She wrapped them around her throat, tightening them until she started to gag, then looped the straps over a pair of hooks on the wall. Breanna shivered as she slid the banana into her pussy. She thrust in and out, coating the fruit in her slime, and rubbed her mound. She pulled her head forward as the panties tightened. She pushed the banana deeper. Her thighs clenched.

The closet door burst open. Breanna tried to scream as her mother tumbled out and land sprawled out on the floor, looking at her with glossy eyes as her tongue lolled from her mouth, but she only got a short squeak. She was naked from the waist down. A blonde woman crawled out. Breanna’s eyes swelled. She reached for the scissors, the woman pounced onto the bed. Breanna grunted as her knee landed into her stomach. She grabbed her arms and pinned them to the bed, knocking the scissors off.

“Who the fuck are you? Where is Lily?”

Breanna coughed and gagged. The woman pushed her head back and pulled the panties away from her throat. Breanna gasped and her chest heaved. The woman leaned over until her breathing slowed.

“Now, where is Lily?”

“Sh-she’s at the store with one of her friends.”

“Do you have any idea as to when she’ll be back?”

Breanna shook her head. “She’s going to her house. The party’s at her place.”

The woman tilted her head. “What do you mean? This isn’t her place?”

“Uh, no. She lives across … why are you here? What did you do to my mom?”

The woman closed her eyes. “She’s dead. I’m sorry.”

Breanna’s heart lurched. She couldn’t be dead. “Mom!” She screamed. “Mom! Mo-aughaugh!” Breanna gagged and spit as the woman yanked her panties until the fabric dug into her throat.

“I’m really sorry about this. My stupid partner gave me the wrong address. I wish I didn’t have to do this, but I can’t risk having you fuck up my plans any more than they’ve already been fucked.”

Breanna punched at the woman’s breasts trying to push her off. She leaned in and tightened the grip on Breanna’s panties. She grabbed at her arms, but they wouldn’t budge. This was it. Breanna was going to die. This woman was going to kill her. What could she have done for this woman to want her dead? Tears blurred her vision. She just wanted to relax in her own bedroom and go to her friend’s birthday party, and this woman wanted to kill her for it. No, she wanted to kill Lily. Someone needed to tell Lily. She clawed at the woman’s face, kicked, and thrashed her head. The woman tightened her grip, forcing Breanna’s tongue out of her mouth.

“Just let it go. It’s going to happen, the longer you fight the longer it’ll hurt.”

Let her life go? Just a month after entering adulthood? Two weeks from graduating high school? Her life just started. Someone would save her, someone had to save her. Mom needed to wake up, she couldn’t be dead, she had to wake up and save her only daughter. She needed to hurry, Breanna’s chest and throat were burning. Why did Dad have to work so late? What about Ryan? He was probably in his room, all he needed to do was hear her choking and… no! The woman would kill him, too. Breanna raised her arm to swipe at her face and just swatted air as if she swung a ton of bricks. The room whirled around her, the bed seemed to float. Chills spread up her legs and arms. Everything was becoming darker. Maybe giving up wasn’t so bad? Nobody was going to save her, but she could save Ryan by letting it go. The pain would stop. But she didn’t want to let it go. Who would warn Lily? What about Lois? She closed her eyes and floated into darkness.

The teen’s eyes drooped and closed. Drool rolled off her tongue and down her cheeks. Emma dug her knees into her stomach and tugged on the panties as her head lolled to the side, and held her position for another ten minutes as the teen’s twitching slowed and stopped. She let go and felt for a pulse. There was none.

Emma kissed the girl on the forehead. “I’m really sorry about this, love.” She climbed off the bed. Between her legs a giant puddle of piss soaked into the bedspread.

“I’ll put your mother with you.” Emma grabbed her mom’s body and heaved onto the bed.

These women didn’t need to die. She was going to have Jana’s head for this fuck up, but she needed to finish the job first. The girl said Lily was across something, and that something better be the street.

She started to leave when a door opened and shut in the hallway, followed by the tapping of feet down the hall. There was no reason to kill another person in this house. Emma opened the window and climbed out.