Leslita Intruders

It was three in the morning, and some stupid kids were playing outside; laughing their high-pitched laughter. Kids were so fucking annoying, Adam considered himself lucky to not have any. How could anyone want to put up with that constantly for eighteen years?

Something was off. How could there be kids playing outside? His house was at the end of a dirt road, surrounded by trees and a picket fence. Could his mind have been playing tricks, or did some stupid kids really decide to fuck around on his property? Adam turned over, pulling the blanket over his shoulders, keeping one ear pointed at the window.

A chorus of laughs filled the room. Adam sat up, his eyes bulging. The laugh came from the hallway. He stared at his open doorway until the shadows seemed to reach into his room. The laughter came again. It sounded like a couple of girls, giggling. Chills crept down his spine as one of them moaned.

Adam grabbed his shotgun and a couple of shells and crept down the hall and descended the stairs. A light came from the laundry room. He crept towards the light, shotgun raised.

He rounded the corner to find two girls down on all fours. They couldn’t have been older than eleven or twelve, wearing sports bras, one in a plaid miniskirt. A blonde with pigtails moaned. Her friend’s head hid under her skirt, sleek black hair flowing over the floor, bobbing up and down. Her panties hung around her knees, leaving her pussy, dripping with juice, staring at Adam.

The blonde squealed and clenched her eyes as he entered. Her breasts rose with every breath.

Adam aimed and pulled the trigger. The girl’s blonde hair fluttered as the back of her skull exploded. She thudded to the floor, her ass twitching.

The dark-haired girl, an Asian girl, lifted her head with juice and piss dripping from her chin. “Nikki? What’s—” She shrieked and crawled over. She kneeled over her dead friend and started shaking her. “Nikki? Nikki, please talk to me! Don’t be like that … ”

Adam reloaded and as her ass jut into the air. She shrieked as he shoved the barrel into her asshole.

“Please don’t kill me! I-it was just a dare. Our friends are outside, they know we're here. I don’t wanna die! I don’t wanna—”

BANG! Her intestines exploded out of her stomach. Adam tapped his foot until she stopped twitching and a puddle of piss flowed between her thighs.