Hard Candy

Alex crouched as a grey Honda parked next to the bush he was hiding behind. A woman climbed out, leaving an eight-year-old girl in the passenger seat.

“Can I come in?”

“No, I’ll be right back.”

“Can you get me some candy?”


The little girl started crying. “Why not?”

“Because I said so. Maybe if you be a good girl I’ll buy you some candy after dinner.”

She crossed her arms. “Fine! But I really want it now.”

Her mother sighed and rushed into the store.

After a minute the girl opened the door and crawled out.

Alex peaked out from the bush. “Psst! Little girl!”

She tilted her head. “Huh?”

He pulled a chocolate bar out of his pocket. Her face lit up. “Would you like some candy?”

She looked at the store then ran over. “Gimme!”

Alex pulled it away as she reached out. “Not yet! You gotta earn it.”

She groaned.

“How bad do you want this candy?”

“Really really bad.”

“Well,” he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, “do you know what a blowjob is?”

“Where you suck a boy’s dingle?”

He nodded. “Have you ever seen anyone do it?”

She grinned. “Well,” she looked back at the door before leaning into his ear, “my brother James sometimes asks me to suck his.”

“Would you do it for candy?”

She nodded. “Just don’t tell James, he might get jealous.” She leaned forward and started licking his cock.

Alex patted her head and stroked her long blonde hair. “What’s your name?”

She slurped the head of his cock and looked up. “Mary.”

“You’re a beautiful girl, Mary.”

Mary smiled. “Thank you!”

She sucked his dick for several minutes. He groaned as it twitched. Mary gagged. Alex pulled out and stroked his cock. Mary closed her eyes and leaned towards his member. When he stopped her face was caked with cum.

“James never comes this much.” She snickered as she licked cum off her lips.

“Alright, keep your eyes shut and open your mouth. Here comes the chocolate.”

Alex pulled a .44 Magnum from his coat as she opened her mouth. He shoved in, her mouth clamped shut.

“Mmfmm?” Her eyes shot open.

“Goodbye, Mary.”

BANG! The back of her head exploded into a shower of blood and brain. She collapsed to the ground, twitching, with piss soaking through her shorts.

Alex took off, cutting through alleyways and jumping over fences. A minute into his run he heard a woman shrieking. He smiled and tossed the gun into a dumpster.