Daddy-Daughter Time

Kayla stripped out of her skirt and crop top. Jet-black hair hung over her shoulders, down to her hips. Cory smiled as his ten-year-old girl climbed on the bed.

“So, is Mom gone yet?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “kinda brave of you to strip in here before asking.”

“Well, I am really horny. You know how I hate being not-naked when I’m horny.”

His cock swelled until it made a tent in his pants.

Kayla giggled and patted his crotch. “You like that about me, don’t you?”

He hugged her and kissed her on the lips. “That’s my favorite thing about you.”

“So, what do you want to do tonight?”

“I figured we could start with our usual. You lick my pussy while I suck your cock.”

“Climb on up, then.”

Kayla crawled onto Cory and wrapped her legs around his face. He spread her pussy and started sucking her clit. Kayla moaned as she unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock while taking the tip in her mouth, then swallowed the shaft until she gagged. He stuck a finger in her ass. Her thighs clenched.

Cory tried to hold it so his little girl could come first, but his jizz wanted to explode after two minutes. Kayla shuddered as he came. She stroked the shaft and nibbled on the head as a fountain of jizz erupted into her mouth. Globs spilled down his cock.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

Kayla looked up.

“Uhhh … this isn’t what it looks like, Mom.”

Rebecca scowled as her husband’s cum dripped down her daughter’s chin.

“You sick disgusting piece of shit! Cheating on me again!”


“And, you are such a fucking slut. Of all the whores who sleep with my man, I never thought you’d be one of them.”

She pulled a knife and a handgun from her purse. She tossed the knife to Cory. “You know the fucking drill.”

“But … your … our daughter …”

“She’s not my daughter anymore,” Rebecca spat in her face. “Now, take care of the whore, or I shoot your fucking balls off.”

“I’m really sorry about this, sweetie.”

“What are you—ahhh!” Kayla screamed as he yanked her hair and dragged the knife across her throat.

Cory pulled her thighs around his neck and licked her pussy as he thrashed and gurgled. She calmed to twitching, then stopped. Cory shoved her onto the floor as she pissed herself.

“Your daughter’s dying body? Really? You have no control do you?” Rebecca stormed out.