Submachine Bath

Sophia watched from her window as the minivan stopped across the street. She looked at the clock; it showed up at six in the evening, just as it was the last four nights. Did her parents notice this? What about her sister?

She shrugged and gathered clothes. She’d ask about it at dinner.

Sophia ran into the hall and hung her head over the stairs, “I’m going to be in the tub!”

“Alright!” Mom yelled.

Robert stuck his head around the corner, grinning. “Can I join?”

A hand grabbed his hair and pulled him away. “You can’t hit on my sister, dude!” Mark yelled.

“Why not?”

“You’re fifteen, dude!”

“It’s only three years difference,” Sophia muttered as she closed the bathroom door.

She placed her fresh clothes by the sink. Her lavender crop-top hit the floor, followed by her pink skirt and kitten panties. Orange hair fell over her shoulders as she removed the hairband from her ponytail. She put an hour-long compilation of girls getting splashed with cum on her phone, placed it in a cubby hole over the faucet, put earbuds in, and climbed into the tub.

Sophia patted the faucet. “Since they won’t let Robert take a bath with me I’ll have to make do with you.”

She climbed in and scooted until her twat was under the faucet, turning the knob. Sophia gasped as icy water poured over her pussy. She turned the other knob and sighed as the water warmed up, sliding back against the tub. “Yeah… that’ll do until I can get some real dick.”

A big-titted Asian on her phone took a load of cum in the mouth. Sophia grabbed a shampoo bottle and squirted it on her face, letting it run over her shoulders and down her chest. She smeared it over her budding breasts, pinching her nipples, and sliding down her stomach. Her legs twitched as her finger slid between her legs and into her pussy. Sophia moaned and panted as she fingered herself, slapping her palm against her labia. Thirty seconds later, she bit her lips and squeezed her thighs.

The door burst open and a man entered with a rifle. Sophia looked at the man, panting as her thighs clenched and her breasts rose.

The man laughed as thunder filled the room. She thrashed as jets of blood erupted from her tits and stomach. When it stopped she lay twitching, blood poured from every part of her body.

The man ran out. His laughing faded against the video playing through her earbuds. Sophia’s vision blurred. The last thing she heard before everything went dark was a chorus of screams.