Junkyard Rat
A young girl encounters a killer in her favorite play area. hammer, brain-gore, tween, teen(minor), rape
High School Murder Spree
Teens compete for cash in a deadly game of hide-and-seek. mass-death, shooting, stabbing, drowning, cons-snuff, death-game, teen(minor)
A serial killer sneaks into a party and hooks up with a couple of sluts. stab, bludgeon, brain-gore, teen, threesome, necro
Juvenile Execution
A group of juveniles face capital punishment for their crimes. shooting, vag-trauma, loli, tween, diaper, yuri(Fg)
Yuletide Carnage
The Davis Family receives a surprise visit from a mobster dressed as Santa Claus. He's not feeling jolly. mass-death, shooting, vag-trauma, genital-trauma, teen(minor), loli, incest(cons, forced)
Pellerito Rd
A group of teens are transported to a desert road filled with horrible monsters. monsters, paranormal, surreal, vore, decap, vag-trauma, gore, mutilation, teen, rape
Loving Tina
Emma falls in love with a cosplayer she has to kill. shooting, headshot, cosplay, harry-potter, yuri
Culling Uniform
Schoolgirls must wear skimpy uniforms on Culling Day. hanging, bladder-release, school, teen(minor)