New year, new banner!


I have made some major changes to the library. Most of the updates are under-the-hood stuff, but some will affect the users.

The first thing some of you might notice is that the old story links no longer work. The stories have been reuploaded, but the URLs are different.

The five most recently posted stories will display on the front page of the library.


Birthday Killer has been renamed to Fatal Error.


Two new series, Red Light Terror and Yuletide Carnage, have been created for my Halloween and Christmas specials.

Pellerito Rd and The Dancing Lady have been moved to Red Light Terror. Yuletide Carnage(the story) has been renamed as Don Claus Comes To Town and moved to Yuletide Carnage(the series).


Carnage of Loli is now Adolescent Demise.


Once again, Grimm Erotica has a forum.


Meat Wagon is available on Fanbox.


The Grimm Erotica Discord invite has been removed for now due to some issues with the server that just now came to my attention. It'll be back once I have taken care of them.


I have made several upgrades to the Library. The first one you'll notice is that it now has a legacy-mode, for anyone who preferred the old table format. This will be updated as stories are added.

Because it would be redundant, the original Legacy library has been removed completely. If you were still using the old links, they will no longer work.

Carnage of Loli is now under Series, and the other supershort series have been removed until I actually add stories to them. Series will also have descriptions from now on.


The Dancing Lady is available.


No Cheer is available on Fanbox.


I was locked out of my old Twitter, and can't get back in until I get a burner phone(my current number is being used by other accounts), so I made a new account; well, technically I repurposed an old account, but it pretty much amounts to the same thing since it was never used before this.


Avril is available on Fanbox.


Birthday Killer is now available to the public.


I made a few minor upgrades to the mobile-friendliness of the site.


The forum has been taken offline until further notice.


Grimm Erotica has been upgraded!

I abandoned arranging stories by boring-old tables for stylistic cards. (If you still prefer that, just click go to Library and click Legacy. Though, that will not be updated with new stories.) Unfortunately, I had to do away with the option to download stories; it has a lot to do with the new way I upload stories.

The forum is no longer included in the navigation bar. It's still there, and you can still go to it if you have a direct link, but it's pretty much dead. It may return in the future, but I can't be too sure.


Junkyard Rat is now publicly available.


Cheer Hunt is now available on Fanbox

Culling Uniform is now available to the public.


My first short story collection, Carnage of Loli, is available one Fanbox.


Grimm Erotica is now open.

Birthday Killer Part I is now available on Patreon and Fanbox.


Commissions are now open!


What started out as me organizing my code ended with some changes to the site.

Stories is now Library, Commissions has been removed for now, and Early Release is now Fanbox.

The Library has been rearranged, with stories belonging to a series given their own pages.

There's also a few other minor stylistic changes.


The story directory has been reorganized. Early access stories are no longer separated, but are instead marked by a red dot.

I have phased out promotion of my Patreon. While my Patreon will remain active, the focus of this site is my writing. Most of my stories are posted on Fanbox, so it makes more sense to promote that exclusively.


Added a navigation bar, replacing the hidden menu.

Added a new logo.